Tuesday, 6 March 2012

4 Weeks Gone

So the first 4 weeks have passed at a rapid rate, last years winner is struggling a little and it would appear the Hilton Park is the hotspot for winners with two winners coming from there in the first 3 weeks.

There also appears to be some mischievious forces at work with people claiming that their entries are being altered by their "friends" en route to us.......I couldn't possibly comment.

Entries are way up on last year, which is both pleasing but time consuming. A big thankyou must go to all the collectors both official and unofficial who continue to try and get an extra entry here and there. Finally, some of you will be expecting the first Table of the season which is what I promised at the start. It is unlikely that I will be able to get this out until after the completion of Week 5. I will try my best however.

Happy Forecasting

Friday, 3 February 2012

News From Our Chat with Trevor

Today Dawn went to see Trevor and as a result we will be hitting the boxes and banqueting suite with the forecast coupons both before and after all home games. We will be in our usual place in the North Stand during the game for people to get coupons and hand them in during the game. Trevor will also be taking part in the competition although I may keep his team name a closely guarded secret. Now for a quick update on the entries from the website, they now total 12 and I will be calling in on the collectors tomorrow to see how things are going. Maybe the SL games this weekend will help you with this weeks competition, maybe they won't. Either way Happy Forecasting.

Monday, 30 January 2012

24 Hours on From the Launch

I wasn't sure how this would go, but I am encouraged by the response from the first 24 hours.  The website has had 40 different visitors to it and I have already recieved 1 online entry and 4 entries as attachments to my email address.

Don't forget guys and gals spread the word, involve your friends and family.

If you didn't get here via the Forecast website have a look HERE

Competition Launch 2012

Well after a couple of months of should we or shouldn't we, we decided we should.  Since last October our lives have been hectic with one thing and another.  However, the worst now seems to be over, Dawn has a new job starting on the 6th Feb, so normality is almost resumed.

The end of last season was disappointing both in the performances on the field and the way the number of Forecast entrants dropped off but we are determined to push this to the limits this year.  To that end we have two new collectors in The Hilton Park pub and Jitterbugz who already do an amazing job for the club in selling the club merchandise.  They join the existing collectors of The Centurion Pub and G&G Lloyd Newsagents on Hope Carr Road.

To all past participants and of course new, it has been decided, due to fixtures being played on so many different days, that we will change the timings of coupon availablity.  Basically new coupons will be released on a Tuesday/Wednesday and will need to be returned no later than 8pm the following Tuesday to a collector.  In short this will allow sales of the competition right through a matchday instead of the rush to get them in for 3pm on a matchday.  ie The matches on the coupon will be for the following weekend (Thursday-Sunday games) and not the weekend immediately following the release of the coupon.

Happy Forecasting

If you didn't get here via the Forecast website have a look HERE